Thematic collections

After nearly 30 years of biobanking, the Biobanque de Picardie houses collections of human tissue in the following areas:

- APL (Anti-Phospholipid antibody syndrom)
- Ascite bank
- Cattle
- Ovarian cancer
- Hepathocellular carcinoma
- Horses
- Chlamydia
- Dermatology
- Vaginal smears
- Haematology
- Acute alcoholic hepatitis
- Hepatitis B
- Hepatitis C
- HT 21
- Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis
- Giant cell arteritis Blood disorders (leukemia, mastocytosis, lymphoma, etc.). Internal Medecine (muliple pathologies)
- Myeloma
- Obesity
- Acute Pancreatitis Pediatrics
- General sanitation Rheumatoid arthritis Control population
- Rheumatoid arthritis Amyloïde Protein
- Kidney Transplant Urology
- Other: contact us

Samples are used in basic research and translational studies, physiopathology of diseases and identification of new diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic biomarkers. Biobanque de Picardie is also involved in programs that include epidemiological follow up populations over long periods in order to monitor the development and progression of various diseases.

Biobanque de Picardie also develops healthy or pathological human primary stem cell banks, such as:
- mesenchymal stem cells in umbilical cord (HUC-MSC)
- primary hepatocytes (HPH)
- peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)
- fibroblasts
- Other cell types: contact us

Ensuring the quality of the samples transferred as part of scientific projects, Biobanque de Picardie collects a whole range of fresh human tissue (not frozen), which are temporarily stored in the Biobank before being transferred for research purposes in laboratories of our partners.

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