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Research & Development services

Our team of scientists will go with you through every step of your R & D project, from its formalization to the delivery of the final product. Please contact us for detailed information.

Project management :

Projects are structured into individual phases and each phase is defined by a milestone.
Milestones are determined by a deliverable that has been identified with the customer at the beginning of the phase.
At the end of each phase an intermediate report and resulting product are delivered to the customer by the Biobank of Picardy.
The report contains the results, interpretations and conclusions of the work conducted during the phase and recommendations for the next.

The decision whether to continue or not is taken by the client after validating the intermediate report. Only phases invoiced for are the completed ones.

Fields of expertise:

- Development and validation of diagnostic tests
- Cell phenotypic characterisation and enrichment
- Protein fractionation and purification by Free Flow Electrophoresis
- Optimization of cryopreservation (by a Design of Experiment Approach)
- Other research projects in the biological field: please contact us to discuss

Why choose Biobanque de Picardie?:

- Our 20 year R&D experience in the biotechnology field
- Our independence guarantees the confidentiality of your project
- Our phased project management structure with regular reporting
- Our responsiveness
- Our ISO 9001 and NFS 96900 certified working environment

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