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Biobanque de Picardie is coordinator for, and a partner in many research projects for instance:

This research project, subsidized by the Picardy Regional Council, aims to collect and cryopreserve human primary hepatocytes. The collected cells will be utilized as a model of pharmacological and pathogenesis studies. Six partners are involved in this project: the basic and clinical virology unit at UPJV, CNRS 6600 Biomechanics and Bioengineering unit at UTC (Compiégne, France), three services from Amiens University Hospital (Digestive Surgery, Hepatology Clinic , Anatomical Pathology) and Biobanque de Picardie.

Supported by the Picardy Regional Council, Mecoexpo aim is to assess the impact of pesticides exposition of embryos in utero, We focus especially on their effects on neurological development. To this end, the Biobank Picardy is developing one of the first meconium bank in France. Seven partners are involved in this project: two teams of INERIS (NOVA, ISAE), PERITOX laboratory at UPJV, two Amiens University Hospital services (Neonatal Medicine Department, Center Gynecology Obstetrics) and the Picardy Biobank.

Discovered in 2007, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) have great promise for biomedical research. iPS are considered as a potentially unlimited source of human normal differentiated cells. Our project aims to define culture conditions to control the differentiation of iPS in hepatocyte-like cells. These liver cells may be used in predictive pharmaco-toxicology, study of liver metabolic and infectious diseases and, in the longer term, for cell therapy. This project is submitted for regional support and will be conducted in collaboration with the UMR CNRS 6600 UTC unit (Compiègne, France).

PARIVIR aims to develop a vaccine against hepatitis C virus. This research project is funded by the Picardy Regional Council and engages 3 partners: the basic and clinical virology unit at UPJV, the biotechnology company P.A.R.I.S (Compiègne, France) and Biobanque de Picardie.

HPV is the main virus that causes cervical cancer and can infect the vulva, vagina and cervix. Our goal is to develop an assay to detect HPV in urine at a pre-cancerous lesions stage. Developing such a non invasive test could facilitate patient monitoring which would enable prophylactic measures to be taken as soon as possible for a favourable evolution of the pathology. Biobanque de Picardie is taken forward this project with the collaboration of the Obstetrical and Gynecological Center of Amiens University Hospital.

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