Patients - Laws and Regulations

The Biobank of Picardy association operates processing, storage and use of human tissues and human cells in accordance with the regulations contained in Articles L1131-4 and L1243-2 of the French Code of Public Health and the Bioethics Laws, 29 July 1994.

Each sample stored at the Biobank of Picardy follows a whole process of reporting to the Ministry of Research, opinion of an Ethic Committee, approval by a Scientific Board and medical expertise by a Scientific Manager. Every sample in the collection is attached to a consent form and a traceability sheet. Patient consent is revocable at any time by request. Similarly, you may request details of the research to you general practitioner or to the Biobank of Picardy. In the case of transfer to a third party, for scientific research purposes, all samples are irreversibly anonymized, there is no link between the patient and the sample transferred.

According to the decrees of February 23, 2000, the decree of 20 April 2000 and the WHO guidelines on the transport and packaging of human biological material, the Biobank of Picardy meets safety rules to transport human samples as set out in these guide lines.

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